How did you spend your Golden Week? Oh, I’m sorry; it was not Golden Week, it was Gaman Week.

I spent my time studying some political issues and programming. And of course, I completed my Gaman Week with our wonderful meeting!


In the Table Topics Session, H.S asked very interesting questions , such as “Which do you focus more, result or process?” or “Do you think your mentality is younger or older than your actual age?”. Such questions seem to be very simple, but actually requires deep reflection of ourselves. One of the factors which make the Table Topics Session very interesting is these kind of questions.

In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. K.M made a speech about his time amidst this Stay Home period. He said that he is an active person who cannot stay home, but could deal with it by finding some new excitements.

The second speaker S.K made a speech on leadership. He introduced three factors to be a good leader, which are: Value, Interaction, and Positivity. As a leader of this club, I’d like to take his message as an advice.

The last speaker, Y.T, made a speech about a Japanese leader Shigeru Yoshida. Currently, Japanese politics is in a big argument. We can learn how a good leader should be, by reflecting our past leaders.


Our next meeting is on 23rd May on ZOOM! Our fiscal year is reaching its’ end. I’d like to do my best for rest of the period as a club president, so that all of our members can enjoy our meetings and cultivate their skills.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: Y.T

Best Evaluator: Y.S

Best Prepared Speaker: S.K