What do you do to mitigate your stress staying at home? Why don’t you join our meetings?

We had our third online meeting. Almost two months have passed since we started our meeting online. It seems members are getting used to it and could enjoy it as well as our onsite meetings!


In the Table Topics Session, H.W asked some very critical questions about our life, society, and economy amid the fear of the COVID-19. The impact is expanding affecting not only our life, but also our society. It is very important to think and have our own opinion for it.

In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. T.K made a speech about the importance of keeping positive mind. She said that the key to spend our days happier is to take the situation positively. “Maybe, we can visit other meeting abroad online.” which she said shocked my mind.

Second speaker Y.O, made an election speech as he is a candidate of the next District Director. Being a District Director must be a very tough challenge, but I’m sure that he has enough skills and personality to fulfil its’ responsibility. Visionaries is always willing to cheer him up!

The last speaker, Y.T, me, made a speech about how Visionaries officers have been dealing with the COVID-19. The last meeting we had onsite was 15th February. Almost two months have passed. We have discussed a lot and made many actions to move on to online meetings. I believe we are doing well so far, so the next problem is when to resume our onsite meetings.


Our next meeting is on 9th May on ZOOM again. Tough situation is still continuing. It is very important to have a place to reduce your stress. If you want to meet someone, why don’t you visit our club?


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: S.K

Best Evaluator: Y.U

Best Prepared Speaker: T.K