Are you staying at home? Yes, we are! Having our regular meeting online!

Due to the pandemic of the COVID-19, we have been holding our meeting online since March. Yesterday, we had our third online meeting. Until yesterday, we only had a few members without any guests, but this time, we got many members and wonderful guests!


In the Table Topics Session, two members played the role of Table Topic Master. First Master, S.S, asked some questions about technology related with remote work or remote lessons. They were very interesting , futuristic, but also realistic questions. Second Master, E.W, asked questions about how to spend time while staying at home. It is very important to share some tips to overcome this difficulty so that we can go back to our normal life soon.

In the prepared speech session, we had two speakers. Y.U made a speech about our founder. It was a unique speech supposing the speaker and the audience in a social situation. He introduced our founder and shared our DNA. I’d like to keep the philosophy of our founder and expand this club further.

Y.T, I, gave a speech about this blog. Mine was also a unique project, Write a Blog. I have been writing these blog posts for more than half a year. I shared why I started writing it, what do I focus on, and what I try to share with readers. I hope you enjoy my articles.

After the meeting, we had an online socialisation party with some members! It is now becoming popular in the US or Europe, where restrictions are far stricter than Japan. I personally felt that there aren’t any big differences between gathering onsite and online. I really enjoyed having drink together.


Our next meeting is on 18th April on ZOOM again. We are now ready to welcome guests as we got used to this situation. If you have time and would like to improve your public speaking skills, please feel free to contact us!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker 1: K.K

Best Table Topic Speaker 2: Y.T

Best Evaluator: K.T

Best Prepared Speaker: Y.U