Amid the agitation of the COVID-19, we held our regular meeting online for the first time.

The meeting timetable was shortened and only limited number of roles were assigned. Everyone was a bit confused to attend this unique style of a meeting.

In Table Topics Session, Y.S asked some questions on the COVID-19. Everyone seemed to be affected by it in some way, but I was really relieved to see their face. One of the most interesting questions was “Do you think the President Trump saying ‘China virus’ a problem?” It is now affecting not only our health, but our economy, politics, and daily activities. We have to be stay calm and generous.

In the prepared speech session, we had two speakers. M.S made a speech about body language. Although the size of the screen was limited, she used it very effectively by going in and out of it. Maybe, that’s the new style of delivering a speech.

Y.T, I, gave a speech about paternity leave. I took a paternity leave for two months, so shared its’ experience and impression. I believe taking paternity leave is very worthwhile.


Although some procedures were a bit awkward, generally it was a very good meeting, as good as our onsite ones. I believe we have to hold our meetings online in April as well, so I expect many members get used to it, and I’d like to see all in one screen.


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