We didn’t have any guests in the yesterday’s meeting. Although we’d like to have many guests, a meeting without any guests makes us relaxed.

In the Table Topic Session, K.M asked questions about Tokyo Olympics, Corona virus , and Global warming. All questions were very timely and close to us. All members could think of their own answers easily, so it was a very nice session.

In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. K.F made a speech about SDGs. He introduced what SDGs is and shared how we can contribute to it. It made us conscious to our life, earth, and future.

T.K made a speech about communication skills. Share shared several tips to improve our communication skills. Communication is one of the keywords of Toastmasters, but we don’t have so many opportunities to learn it in a speech. It was very nice that she shared the tips with us.

The last speaker was Y.S. He made a speech about a new club which he is now working to found. It will be based on Nagatacho and focuses on interaction rather than speech. It must be a very hot challenge, so anyone interested in it, why don’t you support him?


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: Y.O

Best Evaluator: Y.U

Best Prepared Speaker: T.K