I’m sorry for my late update…

Last weeks’ meeting were full of guests, we got 4 guests! I hope we welcomed the guests with warm and friendly atmosphere. The more the atmosphere gets warm, the happier we get.

In the Table Topic Session, H.M asked philosophical questions about “Happiness”, such as “What does ‘happiness’ mean for you?” or “What can a society do for you to increase your happiness”. Although the questions were so difficult, all speakers did their best to deal with it to reply.

In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. K.M made a very interesting speech about innovation. He described the meaning of innovation, which we are not really clear of although we hear it a lot these days.

S.K made a speech about “Happiness”, the same as Table Topics Session. He mixed a historical story and a scientific one so that all listeners can deeply involved in speech. He said that he does meditation every night. Why don’t we try it?

The last speaker was M.U. She introduced a bullet journal. It was my first time to hear about it. She used her visual aid very effectively so that all of us could understand what the bullet journal is.

After the meeting, we had a Japanese and English contest speech preparation. Y.T, I, made an English speech, but it was not as good as I thought. I have to revise it… Another Y.T made a Japanese speech. Her speech was as great as usual. She looked very confident with her contents, but a bit shy to perform like an entertainer. I believe she will do it well in the contest.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: Mrs. K (Guest from Minami Aoyama Business TMC)

Best Evaluator: H.K

Best Prepared Speaker: S.K