Tonight’s meeting was the second one in 2020. We only had a week for preparation, but all members did very well for the meeting.

In the Table Topic Session, S.K asked very good questions common to all members, such as “What would you do if you’ve got a month vacation”, or “Who is the best leader for you?”. It is pretty difficult to think of questions common to everyone, but not too easy. He did a great job to prepare such questions.

In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. Y.O delivered his very first speech in Toastmasters. Although it was his first speech, his was very confident of standing in front of the audience and was very fluent in English. He introduced himself and it was well summarised to introduce himself with other members.

The second speaker was T.A. As usual, his speech was very uniques and had an exotic atmosphere. It was about his motto to bring up his kids. The Japanese tend to take too much care of their kids, but his motto was totally the opposite. It is one of the benefits of Toastmasters to hear such a unique opinion.

The third speaker was Y.T, me. My speech was not based on Pathways. Instead, I made a speech for COT held the next day. It was about the actions Visionaries has taken this year to increase members. Although it was just a five minutes speech, I believe it was well organised and informative.

After the meeting, we had a Japanese In-house contest. We had an English contest last week, but this one is to select the representative for the Japanese contest. M.S and Y.T competed, and Y.T won with a very entertaining speech about 100 year life. M.S also made a very good speech about her career. It was very interesting to hear Japanese speeches, as we usually don’t make them.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: K.M

Best Evaluator: S.K

Best Prepared Speaker: T.A