Happy new year!

Tonight’s meeting was the first one in 2020! I was very happy to see the members faces. However, I didn’t have a room to do such a warm greeting (I’m sorry…), because we had an In-house contest for the up coming Area Contest in February!

This time, four contestants competed with each other. It was a very high level and exciting contest, as all contestants were well experienced and highly motivated for the contest. The first speaker was YT. She made a speech about 100 years life. Instead of terrifying the audience by saying negative aspects of longevity, she shared a very positive aspects and expectations about it.

The second speaker was YU. He made a speech about sharing your dream. Even if it’s a ridiculous one, it is very important to share it with others. He said that he prepared it just today! I couldn’t believe how he can manage it very very well.

The third speaker was SS. He made a speech about his passion toward housekeeping. He analysed why he loves housekeeping very logically. It was fun but also interesting to hear such a logical analysis.

The last speaker was YT, me. I made a speech about my life philosophy. I focused more on gestures and appearance. I think I was able to do it well, but there are many improvement points.

Finally, the winner of the Visionaries In-house contest was YT (Thank you!)! I will do my best to improve my speech for the Area Contest. The Area Contest will be held in 16th April. Why don’t you join it to see other high level speakers!