Happy Christmas!!!

Tonight’s meeting was the last one in 2019 and Christmas special! Members were asked to wear something red and bring a present. At the beginning of the meeting, we exchanged our presents. Presents varied a lot, from the typical ones to unique ones.

In the Table Topic Session, KT asked questions reflecting 2019, such as a word of this year or some sad news. Members were asked to give their opinion to questions like “What is a solution to prevent a traffic accident caused by elderlies.” Some questions were very difficult, but interesting and meaningful to reflect this year.

In the Prepared Speech Session, SM made a very unique and interesting speech on Tokyo Disney Land. Instead of focusing on Disney animations she focused on technologies adopted in the attractions. Nobody has ever imagined such a speech. YT made a speech on the future of automobile industry. She focus on a word “CASE”, each of them stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service, and Electrified. It was a great opportunity to learn about automobile industry. SS made a speech on communication. He said that 3Vs are important in communication, Visual, Voice, and Verbal. His speech was a great tips for us to improve our communication. Finally, KS made  a wonderful story telling. Starting from a humorous story, he twisted it twice to deliver a beautiful message to our lives. All speakers made an awesome speech!

After the meeting, we had Bounenkai! Not only members, but also guests enjoyed a great time talking about varieties of topics.

The next meeting will be held on 11th Jan. It will be an In-house contest for the spring International contest. See you then! I wish you a happy new year.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: SK

Best Evaluator: KK

Best Prepared Speaker: SK