Usually, Toastmasters meeting proceeds only with members and guests. However, tonight, we got a guest speaker from other club, Yokohama-Hiyoshi TMC! It was an exciting night to hear other club members speech, needless to say, our members speeches as well!

In the Table Topic Session, TA gave a very unique questions. They were based on his experience during world travel, but he required “creative” questions. As I’m not a creative person, I was relieved that I was not assigned as a speaker… Not only hearing members answers, but also TM TA’s unique experiences was fun for me.

In the Prepared Speech Session, TK made a speech on time management. Time management is very important not only in Toastmasters activities, but also in our daily life. Her speech gave us an insight toward time management. The second speaker KM made a speech on how to over come difficulties, focusing on his experience through sports. As rugby WC finished in a huge craze, sports have a power to attract people. As such, KM’s speech was also attractive and energetic. The third speaker NT is a guest from Yokohama-Hiyoshi TMC. She made a speech on founding a new club. Although she is a quite new member of TMC, she founded a club. All of us were strongly impressed with her energy and passion. The last speaker was me. I made a speech on my life philosophy. It is based on my daily experience, but consistent through my life. I was glad to share it with other members.

In the Evaluation Session, SK gave a very warm evaluation to KM. KM said that his English skill is not enough, bu SK gave him an advice that he does not have to rush and he can improve it step by step. I strongly agree with SK. Although you might not feel your English skill is not enough, you can improve it with your pace. That’S the reason for Visionaries to exist.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: SK

Best Evaluator: SK

Best Prepared Speaker: YT