Award session of Kawasakishi toastmasters club


Tonight’s meeting was the first one after the huge typhoon hit Kanto area on 12th Oct. Everyone was relieved to see each other without any injuries. We realised that gathering twice a month regularly is a very precious thing.

Considering such a situation, meeting topics were pretty much linked with “disaster” or “risk management”. In the Table Topics Session, MU asked some questions about disaster, such as “Have you prepared anything for the typhoon?” or “What will you bring with you to the evacuation spot?” Only one week after the typhoon and being disaster-conscious, each member shared  their practical and  self-experience-based opinion.

In the Prepared Speech Session, HK shared a speech about risk management. The concept of risk hierarchy was new to many members, but it must be very useful for all of us to face with potential natural disasters. In addition, we had two first time speakers, MS and KM! Although it was their first time to make an English speech in front the audience, they did their best. I’m really looking forward to seeing their future speeches.

Actually, tonight’s TMoE, YH, and an evaluator SK were first timers too! I couldn’t believe they were first timers; they looked very confident. Frequent first times mean that we have many new members. Veteran members role is to assist, lead, and encourage them! Let’s do it!

[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: YS

Best Evaluator: YS

Best Prepared Speaker: HK