#214 Meeting Minutes

//#214 Meeting Minutes


We had a nice cozy meeting. The number of attendees was small. There were only 11 of us. 

Still we leverage the small turnout to our advantage. Our president decided to interview HK as she represented our club at the area contest the other day. It was fun to ask her questions and hear her answers. TMoE was YT, our dedicated VPE. The word of the evening was sharp and indeed he facilitated the meeting in a sharp fashion. 

The table topics master was SK who asked many seasonal questions such as ‘What is the most memorable graduation you have ever had?’ or ‘What would be your ideal cherry blossom viewing?’ It is like getting warm and spring is around the corner.

There were two wonderful speeches, one by MS and the other by YO. The first speech was about food self-sufficiency. It was impressed by the academic content of the speech as well as easy-to-understand slides. The second speech was about doing things fast. We are looking forward to hearing more about the speaker’s challenge as it seems he is starting a side job or something. 

The general evaluator was MT. She gave a very comprehensive evaluation. In the end KK shared his effort to improve the website. It was really amazed to see the overhaul of the website. Now it’s so much easier to navigate the platform!