Visionaries Toastmasters Club #209 meeting reward session picture


We had our very first meeting of this year. I felt that there was a lot of energy in the room. The turnout was good.

The topicsmaster had of course the theme of ‘new year’. HK asked some good old questions such as ‘How was your new year holiday’ and ‘What is your new year resolution?’ as well as something a little bit trickier such as ‘Is there any ritual that you do every year at this time of year?’

There were 4 prepared speeches which struck good balance. The first speech was given by MU about her ideas to make Japan more multi-cultural society. The second speech was given by BM. Last speech he gave was icebreaking from CC manual and this time he did another icebreaking speech from Pathways. Self-introduction may look quite easy but actually ‘Who am I?’ is a very profound question. MS gave an improved version of her speech for the second time about climbing Mt Fuji and her body language and vocal variety improved so much! I was truly inspired by her progress. Finally MT’s speech taught us a simple exercise of ‘lift, balance and drop’ to strengthen our bones.

The evaluations were all thoughtful yet helpful.

Finally TMoE KS did a wonderful job in facilitating the meeting. He kindly gave a comment to each speaker and role taker after they spoke. He seemed apologetic about his performance but I think it was one of the best performances by a first timer!

I am looking forward to the next meeting. There were 3 guests this time and I hope to see more of them.