Tonight’s TMoE was KK, who was a first-timer. He was thoroughly prepared. He had even printed out the script and used variety of expressions to facilitate the meeting. The word of the evening was ‘versus’.

What I liked about his introduction of helpers was that he mentioned that there was a first time guest so the explanations should be catered for their needs. Yes members already know what helpers do so we should explain the roles focusing on guests. The timer’s explanation was very good. He summarized his presentation in a very efficient manner without blinding the guests by too much detail.

The table topics questions were quite seasonal. YU asked many interesting questions such as ‘What’s your best accomplishment this year?’ and ‘Should I tell my daughters that Santa Clause is me?’ These are very interesting questions so please answer them in your spare time and send them to me for the virtual table topics challenge.

There were 4 prepared speakers. I gave the first speech. Then MS shared her vivid experiences of climbing Mt Fuji. I liked the message that after a hardship something wonderful is waiting for you. MT shared her life history and how she realized her dream of having a large family. SK gave a speech on leadership with full of references to ship and ocean. The language was very playful and well-crafted.

I was delighted to receive evaluation from JM who joined the meeting after a long absence. Her advice was spot on and I know what to work on in my next speech. KS gave his first or second evaluation. He used a lot of encouraging adjectives. YT and CH are experienced evaluators and had impressive openings and made members laugh.

Best table topic speaker was HS, who said that the best gift he ever received was his first daughter. Best evaluator award went to CH who was the only one to finish her speech within allotted time. Best speaker was SK, whose meticulous preparation really deserved the top spot.