Visionaries Toastmasters Club

Meeting #197 Minutes

(18:00- 20:00 , July 21 2018, @Room#1 Nakahara Shiminkan)

No of Members Attended: 14 No of Guests: 4

(Word of the evening)


(Table Topics)

Q1.When you are a child what do you expect the most or what do you want to
do most?

TM K: summer holidays he enjoys playing with friends, doing homework and 4
weeks of holidays. (2:07)

Q2. Did you do your assignment according to your plan or you leave it just
like that?

TM K: Basically he doesn’t like to do homework and his experience with
teachers etc . (2:03)

Q3. You have already set up a plan for summer holidays with family and your boss requested you to work that week how would you react?

TM A: He has so many thought in his mind as he understands the boss situation and will work. (2:21)

Q4.If you have10 days’ vacation with no budget constrain how will you spend?

TM A: went back home have to relax for two days and think what to do rest of the days. (2:09)

Q5.If you have 10 days’ vacation with a daily allowance what will you do?

TM YS: He once again visits his university and have a reunion with his friends. (2:00)

Q6.Firework is summer tradition if you have a freedom to design what will you do?

TM S: He said he will design it with the human face. (1:38)

(Prepared speech)


Project: Pathways Persuasive Influence: “Understanding your leadership style”

Title: “Leading with sense”

Epitome: He explains the different type of leadership such as structural leadership, participative leadership, servant leadership, freedom
leadership and transformal leadership. He adapted the structural leadership and how he succeeded. (7:07)


Project: Path: innovative planning Level “Ice Breaker”

Title: “Sympathy”

Epitome: When he joined Toastmasters five years ago he had a particular goal but now he didn’t quit toast masters because of the keyword sympathy
now he wants to become a person who can understand people emotion. (5:55)


Project #9 new basic manual “Persuade with Power”

Title: “Truly Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

Epitome: An unexpected meeting of old friends from English school on her way back from Toastmasters contest and while speaking everyone has joint toastmasters but different club but after a long time toastmasters make a chance to meet them again and their passion toward learning English (6:24)

(Award Results)

Best Table topic speaker: TM A

Best Evaluator: TM CH

Best Speakers: TM MT