(Report) Visiting AYP Toastmasters Club

Hello everyone, this is your blog writer, Y.T!!

Last week, I and two more Visionaries members visited AYP (Australia Young Professional) Toastmasters Club, a club located in Australia, meeting.

Since most of the members were native speakers, they talked far faster than us about complicated topics. I got nervous for the first time in the last few months. Members were pretty young, as its name shows, and they were highly passionate, especially, I could feel that they were serious in learning public speaking. At the same time, they had a warm atmosphere and welcomed us. They even took care of us, who are non-native speakers.

Visiting foreign clubs makes us feel the difference of atmosphere or English level, which stimulate us.

Holding meetings online is becoming more and more popular around the world. It’s becoming pretty common to see foreign guests. Why don’t we take this situation as a chance to take a challenge to new things?


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(レポート)AYP Toastmasters Club


先日、オーストラリアで活動しているAYP (Australia Young Professional) Toastmasters Clubの例会に、私含め三人でお邪魔してきました!





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