Benefit of Toastmasters

Hello everyone, this is Y.T, President of Visionaries TMC.

I have been writing about the overview of Toastmasters. Learning public speaking and leadership in a global organization through meetings and Pathways. This is the main activities of Toastmasters. What are other benefits of joining Toastmasters?

1. Connection with diverse members

Toastmasters has a great diversity, sex, age, background, etc. You can have a connection with such a diverse members through meetings and other activities. This is a great opportunity especially for business persons. You may be able to find a new career through this connection. Experience of having connection with diverse members is definitely one of the benefits of joining Toastmasters.

2. Opportunity to reflect on yourself

There are many opportunities to reflect on yourself especially for making a speech. For ice breaking speech or focusing on your personal episode, you have to reflect on yourself a lot. We seldom reflect on ourselves in our busy daily life. Toastmasters is a great opportunity to reflect on yourself and find good/improvement points of yourself.

3. Belonging place

Members of Toastmasters are kind and polite. No one denies the content of your speech. Thus, you can express yourself without any worries. This atmosphere makes you feel safe and feel a club to be a belonging place for you. It is very important to have such a place in our daily lives. 


There are many other benefits to join Toastmaster which cannot be written here! Why don’t you join us and find it by yourself?


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