Area Contest 2020

Hello everyone, this is Y.T, President of Visionaries TMC.

We had the Area Contest yesterday. Our contestants were me  for English contest and another Y.T for Japanese contest. And the result was… we both won the third position!

It was a very high quality contest as all speakers made great speeches. Although I was in a third place, I’m really satisfied with it.

Everyone who contributed to this contest, thank you very much!!!

The first place winners is going to compete in the Division Contest on 15th March. If you have time, let’s cheer them up!


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エリアコンテスト 2020

こんにちは、Visionaries TMC会長のY.Tです。






Visionaries TMCではいつでもゲスト歓迎です! ご興味のある方はこちらからコンタクトください。