Visiting club meeting internationally

Hello everyone, this is Y.T, President of Visionaries TMC.

One of our members said in the last meeting, “Many clubs are holding meetings online. Maybe we can visit some meetings internationally.” It made me take a challenge to visit Wall Street Toastmasters Club, located in New York!

Main procedure of a meeting was pretty much the same as ours, but members spoke English much faster than us, as they are native speakers. But I also got a confidence, that we have enough English skills to catch up with them. As it was my first time to visit native speakers’ meeting, I was a bit afraid of it. But I realised the importance of jumping in to it with confidence.

There are many inconvenience around us these days. That’s why, it’s very important to do what we can do now. Why don’t you try it, too!


Got interested? We are always welcoming guests! Contact us here!


こんにちは、Visionaries TMC会長のY.Tです。

以前、例会の中であるメンバーが、「多くのクラブがオンライン例会をやっているので、海外クラブの例会を見学できるかもしれない」と言っていたのを思い出し、早速ニューヨークを拠点とするWall Street Toastmasters Clubを見学してきました!




Visionaries TMCではいつでもゲスト歓迎です! ご興味のある方はこちらからコンタクトください。