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#211 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Tonight's TMoE was AM. Due to many cancellations she must have had a hard time but she facilitated the meeting impeccably. Topicsmaster was HS who came up with many questions with the theme of history. He asked interesting questions such as 'who is your favourite historical figure/building/novel?' and engaged the audience very well. Even people who were unlikely to be appointed had their minds rolling with these intellectually challenging topics. There were only 2 speakers. The first speaker was EW, who shared the reasons why she stays in Japan. She talked about three factors. It was very [...]

#211 Meeting Minutes2019-02-24T08:12:57+09:00

#210 Meeting Minutes


Minutes We felt like we were in a movie theater. Our club's president played the video of the champion's speech from last year's international speech contest during the opening. It was fun to be in a dark room and watch the video. Big thanks to MK and HS who prepared the audio-visual environment. YU's speaker did a good job.Meeting #210 had a problem to solve; there were only 2 speakers! But TMoE MS had dealt with this situation before. She quickly asked around to have 2 evaluators for each speaker. Thanks to her effort we were able to have [...]

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#209 Meeting Minutes


Minutes We had our very first meeting of this year. I felt that there was a lot of energy in the room. The turnout was good. The topicsmaster had of course the theme of 'new year'. HK asked some good old questions such as 'How was your new year holiday' and 'What is your new year resolution?' as well as something a little bit trickier such as 'Is there any ritual that you do every year at this time of year?' There were 4 prepared speeches which struck good balance. The first speech was given by MU about her [...]

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#208 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Meeting number 208 was a special meeting with a Christmas theme. I gave a very quick opening remark introducing this year's Chinese character which is 災(pronounced sai) which means disaster. I said I wanted the meeting to be a different sai i.e. 祭which means festival. We welcomed 3 guests. The more the merrier! TMoE was SK who conducted the meeting beautifully. The word of the evening was 'present'. It was perfect for the occasion. All role explanations were super smooth and I loved them. The gift exchange session was a lot [...]

#208 Meeting Minutes2018-12-24T21:12:30+09:00

#207 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Tonight's TMoE was KK, who was a first-timer. He was thoroughly prepared. He had even printed out the script and used variety of expressions to facilitate the meeting. The word of the evening was 'versus'. What I liked about his introduction of helpers was that he mentioned that there was a first time guest so the explanations should be catered for their needs. Yes members already know what helpers do so we should explain the roles focusing on guests. The timer's explanation was very good. He summarized his presentation in a very efficient manner without blinding [...]

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#206 Meeting Minutes


Minutes TMoE was KK who did a wonderful job. She chose 'incredible' as WoE and I would say it is one of the most successful WoEs as it was uttered a lot. It reminded me of 'outstanding' which was another very successful WoE. The table topics were about 1st time something. MK asked questions such as what sports you came to like first, what was the first cooking you ever did for someone else etc. Then there was the prepared speech session. KS gave an improved version of his contest speech. It was interesting to see how he [...]

#206 Meeting Minutes2018-12-25T00:30:14+09:00

#205 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today we had a different meeting than usual. Since TM KS is going to be our representative for the upcoming Rookies Contest at the beginning of December, we had a meeting focused on contest. We had a slightly longer table topics session than usual led by TM MS. She asked 5 questions all of which were very topical. I did think some of the questions were very tough such as 'should a journalist go to a very dangerous area for reporting activities?' but I think it is nice to occasionally stretch yourselves to answer challenging questions. [...]

#205 Meeting Minutes2018-12-25T00:38:17+09:00

#196 Meeting Minutes


Visionaries Toastmasters Club Meeting #197 Minutes (18:00- 20:00 , July 21 2018, @Room#1 Nakahara Shiminkan) No of Members Attended: 14 No of Guests: 4 (Word of the evening) Outstanding (Table Topics) Q1.When you are a child what do you expect the most or what do you want to do most? TM K: summer holidays he enjoys playing with friends, doing homework and 4 weeks of holidays. (2:07) Q2. Did you do your assignment according to your plan or you leave it just like that? TM K: Basically he doesn't like to do homework and his experience with [...]

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