#301 Minutes 2022/December/3


Today we had two guests.
We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting.
Today’s theme was world cup soccer.
Today’s Word of the evening was “prone”.

Table Topic

Today’s table topic master was TM Y.T
Her table topics related to world cup soccer in Qatar,
What if Japan won the world cup top 8 happen,
Soccer is famous in Japan but in Qatar not famous what will happen next in Qatar?
Each table topic speaker enjoyed answering.

Prepared Speech

Today we had two speakers.
TM H.S. is about the “Body talks a lot.
TM E.W. is about the “Run? or Jog?
Both speeches were very well prepared, and the ‘Evaluation time’ was very high quality.

Reflection of the Kanagawa Rookie Contest

TM A.M. tried Contest. We were all impressed by his positive attitude.



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