#300 Minutes 2022/November/19


Today we had our 300th Anniversary Reunion. We had a total of 13 guests including 8 former members, 2 other club members, and 3 new guests.

In the ice-breaking session, we talked about the tastes of autumn and actively mingled by introducing ourselves to each other.

Word of the Evening: Sustainable

Prepared Speech

Three guests, R.K., Y.S., and Y.T., gave speeches today. They are all former club presidents.

Each speech was based on precious memories and great achievements and was very moving.

As the representative of the current members, the newest and freshest member gave his impression as an evaluator.

Table Topic

Today’s table topic master was TM M.S.

Today’s theme is Visionaries Toastmasters Club. Best memory, best speech, most memorable person, most beneficial thing, and so on.

All respondents gave profound speeches.

Heartwarming messages from former members who could not attend were also introduced, and the meeting ended with a wonderful atmosphere.


Table Topic: Guest Ms. M.A.

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